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Sept 16, 2020
virus error

ISACA sent me their SmartBrief on Cybersecurity this morning. So, naturally, being interested in such things, I open it up and I find what at first glance appears to be an interesting report worthy of my time and attention.

Mike Moore at TechRadar reports this bit of news but I do have to wonder how new is this news? I'd like to believe that if one has been in the IT industry for at least five years in even just a low level capacity that one may have already learned that this particular suite of products from the folks at Microsoft has been consistently plagued with security flaws.

Anyways, Mr. Moore continues on with the usual suspects, i.e. the number of attacks globally, devices involved and in how many countries and in what quarter of the year, in this case 2020. All of it pretty lightweight stuff for a report. One could say that this was merely a thumbnail sketch and not the most valuable of material except perhaps to simply raise an awareness of the importance of securing your applications. But this is an old hot topic anyway. You are already securing your applications, aren't you?

So what's the angle? Simple. Selling product. More specifically, Kasperky Anti-Virus. Sigh.

Now I've got nothing against a vendor trying to sell his product nor do I have any fundamental issue with a third party such as TechRadar providing what is little more than an advertisement thinly disguised as journalism doing the marketing work for a vendor. What I would have appreciated would have been a more comprehensive approach to solving this multi-decade problem of application security. Anti-virus is just one necessary approach and most businesses employ it already, Kaspersky or otherwise. What of Virtual Desktop Initiative or VDI? Nothing. Not a word. The same for wireless security. Nada. Hard drive and/or file encryption? Nope.

Come one, ISACA dudes and dudettes. You can do better than this...

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Brief Introduction, Sept 2, 2020

Welcome to my professional blog!

In this series of posts I will attempt to write something ingenious about some worthy article or event in the networking and cloud worlds. As this is my initial post, I am keeping it short, sweet and introductory.

Presently, yours truly is looking for a new position amidst these crisis-laden days which appear to affect the entire globe. Competition is fierce but I remain resolute and determined to find that next opportunity that will harness the knowledge I've acquired and the experience I've earned so that I can reach the next level as a well-rounded IT professional. Thanks for your time and I pray you enjoy the journey.

God bless you and yours!

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